Seattle 2016: From the airport to the Westin via light rail

When you arrive at SeaTac International Airport, follow the signs from baggage claim for Link Light Rail, as shown in this video.

Trains run with frequency of 6 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day. On weekdays, trains are in service from 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM. See Link Light Rail Schedules for details.

At the station, purchase a ticket from the vending machines before taking the escalator or elevator up to the platform. The fare from SeaTac to Westlake Station (nearest to the Westin) is $3.00.

There is only one light rail line departing from SeaTac and you will ride it the entire length of the route until you reach Westlake Station.01

At Westlake Station take the escalator or elevator upstairs to the mezzanine level, following the sign for 5th Ave & Pine St.

0204On the mezzanine, look for the Nordstrom sign and proceed up via escalator or elevator until you reach the surface.

07You’ll be standing on Pine St., facing Old Navy. Turn right and walk to the corner of 5th and Pine.

08Turn right again, walking downhill on 5th Ave. You will see the two round towers of the Westin at the end of the block.

10When you reach Bartell Drugs, look up and the Westin is right in front of you.


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